Working From Home: Loungewear To Make You Look Presentable While Staying Comfy

Thu, 2022-03-31

How To Choose The Right WFH Loungewear So You Look Presentable While Staying Comfy

Work from home arrangements have been and is still the default for many working adults even if we are years into the pandemic, while Zoom meetings have also become the norm. Although we are expected to look professional and put together all day in case a surprise online video meeting springs up, it is also not feasible for us to stay in our office wear the entire day; especially when we seek to feel comfortable while working from home. Enter loungewear, a great alternative to office wear as long as you choose the right ones - you will no longer have to worry about comfort and looking professional at the same time.

Here are some tips for choosing the right loungewear in Singapore - read on to find out more.

#1 Collars

While most loungewear has a reputation for looking like sleepwear i.e. unprofessional for work in case a Zoom meeting is needed, there are some that are still suitable. All you have to do is search for those with collars so that you can pull them off as work-appropriate outfits in front of the camera. The trick is to make you look like you are wearing just another blouse that you usually put on when working in the office. 

loungewear with collars for women in Singapore

The Elysian Floral Satin Shirtdress is the perfect loungewear example as it comes with a mandarin collar and can be buttoned up to look more professional.

2 Outerwear

It is understandable to want to put on loungewear that does not wrap you up in excessive cloth in Singapore’s humid weather. But it is also not ideal to show too much skin while doing an online video meeting with your colleagues or boss. Thus, going for loungewear that comes with outerwear is your next best bet at staying cool and put together. Leave the outerwear aside when not needed and simply put it on before your Zoom meeting to cover up and look like you are ready to tackle any problems with professionalism.

loungewear with outerwear for women in Singapore

The Daydream Satin Kimono is a great choice as it is a good mix of comfort and presentability.

#3 Solid Colours 

If your workplace is more relaxed about the dress code while doing an online video meeting, then loungewear in brighter colours and louder prints may be acceptable. However, if you are planning to hold external meetings with clients or big bosses, chances are solid colours might be more appropriate. This is to ensure that the attention is put on what matters such as the agenda of the meeting, instead of looking too tawdry which will cause distraction. 

solid colour loungewear for  women in Singapore

The Reverie Satin Shirt in Pearl White is something to consider.

#4 Long Pants

Instead of shorts, loungewear with long pants might be a better choice since you never know when you will have to stand up during the Zoom meeting to grab something important. Tuck your top into your pants and put on the outerwear for the ultimate professional-looking loungewear.

loungewear with long pants for women in Singapore

Our Akin Floral Satin Pants come with an elastic waistband and functional pockets, as well as cuff detailing for an added touch of luxe.

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