HVV Points

How do I accumulate points?

More Information:

1. Birthday discount code is applicable to one order during your birthday month (applicable to regular-priced items only).
The Birthday discount code can be found under the HVV Points page of your HVV account.

2. Moodbox discount is applicable to one Moodbox order per year and can be selected at checkout.

3. Subsidised/Complimentary normal courier (for Insider & Baller tiers) will be automatically applied at checkout.

4. Renewal HVV vouchers will be credited as store credits. They are valid for 6 months from date of issue and can be used in partial amounts.
You will receive an email notification after it has been credited to your HVV account,
and you may utilise it by entering the amount in the text box under "Store Credit" during check out.

5. You will be upgraded to Baller once you earn at least 1000 hvv points within your hvv Insider membership period.

Find out what membership tier you’re on: 

How does this work?

For every $1 spent at hervelvetvase, you'll be awarded 1 hvv point. 

What happens next?

Once you hit 250 hvv points, you get a $5 Gift Certificate on us!

For every subsequent 250 hvv points you earn, you will continue to receive $5 Gift Certificates as well!

Terms & Conditions

$5 Gift Certificate for every 250 points:

- Your $5 Gift Certificate will be applicable on your first order after accumulating 250 points.

- Your $5 Gift Certificate will be automatically credited into your account. Upon checkout, you may select it to be applied to your order.

- You may only utilise one $5 Gift Certificate per order with us.

- 250 points is the minimum amount allowed for a gift certificate redemption (i.e. 125 points does not grant you $2.50 etc.).

Points expiry:

- All hvv points earned will expire within a year.

- Renewal HVV vouchers expire within 6 months.


#hvvgirl & #hvvmoments images:

  • To receive HVV points for sharing your HVV outfit, please follow the steps below:
    1. Post your image on to Instagram
    2. Ensure that your account in set to public
    3. Tag @hervelvetvase
    4. Hashtag #HVVgirl, #HVVWearIt, #HVVmoments #HVVOOTD
    5. IG DM or email us at hello@hervelvetvase.com.sg with your OOTD link

    Points are awarded for images featuring original, non-repetitive and recent purchases.

    By using any of the above hashtags across any social media platform, you indicate your unconditional acceptance of the terms listed under www.hervelvetvase.com's "Terms of Use".

    We reserve the right in our sole discretion to re-use or re-share these images with full credits to your original account.


Order information:

- If your order is an in-between amount (e.g. $25.50), your hvv point accumulation rounds down (i.e. $25.50 = 25 points).

- All orders placed with discount codes, renewal vouchers and store credits will not be applicable for returns or exchanges.


 For Ballers:

Complimentary Normal Courier is automatically applied when a local mailing address is keyed in upon checkout.

Complimentary Normal Courier can be combined with store credits.