About Us

At hvv, we think small.

We think about the small stuff that lead to a big important thing we care deeply about;

being thoughtful, inclusive and supportive to our hvvgirl community.

We think about how girlfriends hang out, lend a listening ear to one another; how a neckline can accommodate new mothers.

We think about anxious graduates going for job interviews and people making career changes.

We think about non-restrictive, tummy-concealing clothing that can #letyourbellyhang; travellers experiencing winter for the first time.

We think of you reading this right now.

At hvv, the clothes you wear are more than just an outfit.

They accompany us as we grow through our experiences - they create memories and celebrate milestones together with us.



Designed by hvv, m
ade with love.

We currently work long-term with smaller, boutique factories in China that are family-owned. We work directly with the factory founders,

most of who have less than 30 staff under them, and have been fortunate enough to grow together with their teams over the years. 

They offer 5-day work weeks, complimentary lodging and meals and also stay together with their staff. 

Above all, their passion, experience and dedication result in great quality, cut and accountability when it comes to production. 

Humans, not robots.

Behind the store counters, social media platforms, website and emails, we’re just regular hvvgirls.


We’re a small team (some of us are one-woman-department wonders). We work hard, fail fast (so we can learn equally fast) and play hard - all in the name of our mantra: being humble, human & humorous.

You can take a peek into our world via @hvv_hq.

We mark special occasions by taking boomerangs, playing questionable games and answering random questions.


If you'd like to share, suggest or ask anything, our inbox is always open.