The HVV Fabric Care Guide

Fri, 2021-09-17

Fabric Care Guide

Hey #HVVgirls,

Your clothes matter. That's why we've created a cheat sheet to get the best out of your HVV purchases - and look the part too! When well looked after, the quality and longevity of of our garments will have them stay in your closets for a very long time.

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Polyester Fabric Care Guide

Most of our garments are usually made of polyester, an easy breezy and low maintenance fabric that can be easily cared for.

On laundry days, machine wash these apparels in cold water and it is safe for dryer-safe for tumble dry or you can never go wrong with air dry.

Keep your apparels fresh and crisp with a low heat setting on your iron or steamer.


Fabric Care Guide

For more delicate and detailed fabrics like cotton, eyelet, borderie and lace, avoid scrubbing these fabrics to prevent wear and tear. 

Before adding these fabrics into the washer, remember to fasten any buttons or zippers and turn the garments inside out to prevent snags while washing. Another trick is to use a laundry bag to keep your garments protected and prevent abrasions from other hard and scratchy fabrics in the washer (eg. denim).

As with delicate pieces like these, it's always ideal to hand wash them for some extra loving and care or opt for a delicate cycle in the washer. Avoid using the dry as it may cause some shrinkage and lay these items flat to dry instead. 


Polyester Knit Blend Fabric Care

Fancy some knits? Well, these fabrics also need more care than others.

Similar to delicate fabrics like lace and eyelets, use a laundry bag or turn knitwear inside out to prevent abrasion or snags. Opt for a delicate cycle for your machine wash in cold water. Drying them in the dryer may also cause shrinkage and it would be best to air dry them.

Another key point to note for delicate fabrics is to wash them with other delicates and non-bulky or scratchy items (such as denims).

And the best part, no iron or steaming needed; every lazy girl's dream come true 


Vegan Leather Fabric Care Guide

Here's all you need to know about maintaining and caring for your favourite leathers.

It it very important that leathers are hand washed with cold water or wiped clean with a damp soft cloth and mild laundry detergent to remove minor stains. Adding your leathers into a washer might potentially damage the sheen and exterior of these fabrics and would eventually lead it to peel. 

After hand washing or wiping the leather, dry the residual wetness with a soft, dry cloth and let it lay on a flat surface to dry and prevent wrinkles. Do not, I repeat, do not tumble dry leather!

As a finishing touch, use olive oil on a soft cloth to condition the garment to dry and tada~ your classic leather garments will last a lifetime! 😉


A crowd favourite and a classic fabric that we all love are linens.

With every linen garments / fabrics, an important first step is to always check the care labels attached to see if dry-cleaning is needed.

Otherwise, hand or machine wash in cold water to prevent shrinkage. As an added precaution, separate light colours from dark to prevent colour runs and fashion mishaps.

Line drying linens is recommended as the dryer might potentially cause shrinkage as well.

Lastly, turn the linen garment inside out to steam the wrinkles away and they're good to go. 


Another lazy girl's favourite fuss-free fabric are denims. A classic and timeless fabric that can match almost anything that you can possible have in your wardrobe.

Keep washing to a minimum to maintain shape and fit as denims to tend to stretch over time and with every wash. Turn denims inside out and remember to close zippers before washing to prevent them from scratching or snagging other delicate fabrics. 

You can also opt for hand wash (always the safest choice) or choose a delicate cycle for your washer. It's also best to wash denims with like colours to prevent colour runs / the denim from rubbing off onto your other lighter coloured garments.

Hang them to dry, or tumble dry on low/no heat to prevent shrinkage. Remove while slightly damp, then stretch the seams (an important step to maintain the denim's shape) and hang them to finish drying. 

Voila, and there you go. 


Chiffons and satins give off a luxurious and classy feel that we absolutely cannot live without owning at least one garment of these fabrics.

With chiffons and satins, their smooth and shiny surfaces tends to get scratched easily and require more tender loving care to maintain the polished look. For machine wash, turn these garments inside out and place them in laundry bags as a fool proof method to prevent fabric scratches. Machine wash them in cold water and along with similar colours on gentle cycle. 

Once dry, turn them inside out to iron or steam on a low heat setting.


As with fabrics, your delicate jewellery also deserves some love to maintain their sparkle and shine.

- Remove all jewellery before working out, shower or bedtime
- Avoid exposure to sweat, perfume and chemicals to prevent tarnish.
- Store separately to prevent scratches or tangling
- Apply lotion or perfume before jewellery
- Keep from sunlight, heat or damp conditions

With these quick and easy tips, may your statement pieces never dull.

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