The Art of Layering Clothes: Singapore Edition

Wed, 2021-06-02


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Does Singapore’s hot and humid weather deter you from wearing multiple layers and put you off from being more adventurous with your clothing choices? We feel you! Undeniably, living in the tropics have limit us to only wearing summer-appropriate clothing in hopes of keeping cool and comfortable. Scroll through the pages of any fashion blog and chances are, you'll spot a trendy look that you've been dying to try out.

Layering is a style of dressing that involves adding more layers of clothing to your outfit to elevate your look. Besides being a cold-weather staple, it has also become a fun fashion trend that has been on the radar for fashionistas in our very own sunny Singapore. Although we do like the look of throwing on an extra cardigan, we can’t deny that it can get extremely uncomfortable when it gets hot.

If you are adventurous enough to try out this fashion trend, scroll down as we share some tips and tricks on how to layer like a pro without compromising your style and comfort! 😉

Breathable Materials 

When shopping online for dresses, tops, and outerwear in Singapore, some of us might miss out on considering about the fabric used; and this is one key detail that we should not overlook.

HVV Tip: Look out for Cotton, Nylon, Polyester, Rayon, and Linen as these are breathable materials commonly used in summer clothing


Picotin Cropped Cardigan - Grey

Even though knit cardigans may appear to be bad fashion choices in Singapore due to the heat, cardigans such as the Picotin Cropped Cardigan are actually great for coverage and staying cool as they are made of polyester, a breathable material, and knit.


Sorbet Linen Blazer - Sage

Also available in Blush and Raspberry

For a work-appropriate outfit, pick out blazers made of linen, such as the Sorbet Linen Blazer in Sage, as the light and loosely woven nature of linen helps the heat to escape from your body, keeping you cool when you’re outside, and keeping you warm indoors.

Anything Cropped 

Cropped tops have been popular in Singapore for quite some time, but cropped blazers for women have only recently gained popularity.

These cropped blazers can easily be incorporated into your outfits, and even be considered a staple piece in your wardrobe because they provide extra coverage, while the cropped length allows for ample airflow to keep you feeling cool and ready to go. For an effortless look, layer them on your dresses or sleeveless tops with long skinny jeans.

Finn Houndstooth Cropped Blazer

Finn Houndstooth Cropped Blazer

Prescott Cropped Jacket - Hydrangea Blue

Prescott Cropped Jacket - Hydrangea Blue

We recommend the Finn Houndstooth Cropped Blazer and the Prescott Cropped Jacket in Hydrangea Blue, both made of polyester - a super easy breezy and breathable material.

Short-sleeved outerwear

On days when you'll be moving around outside, the most practical outfit choice is a short-sleeved outerwear; they're not only extremely versatile pieces but are also fun styling pieces!

Amaia Printed Kimono - Pale Pink

Amaia Printed Kimono - Pale Pink

The kimono is a popular short-sleeved outerwear style that is great for casual day outings. It is often made of satin-silk, which is smooth on the skin and breezy enough to beat the heat. Other styles include a short-sleeved button-down top worn as outerwear, that helps to create a structured silhouette and is ideal for lazy days when you want to look more put together with minimal effort. 

HVV Tip: A lazy girl's best friend is an outerwear that you can put on for days when you miss out on doing laundry 🤭

Layering underneath tops

The art of layering is about understanding how and what you can layer; it isn't just about adding extra layers of clothing on top of what you're already wearing; it can also be about what you choose to wear beneath your tops.

Layering cropped tops underneath dresses or sleeveless tops is a popular way to add extra layers and coverage to your outfit. This layering style allows you to achieve different looks depending on the tops you choose while not covering up the main features of your clothes.

Castella Linen Tiered Dress - Terracotta

Castella Linen Tiered Dress - Terracotta
Also available in Lemonade and Pale Olive

Create more depth to your outfit by layering a plain blouse or a button-down long-sleeved chiffon shirt underneath your sleeveless dresses for a feminine smart casual look. Perfect for the office or even a dinner date at a fancy restaurant! You can even go a step further to throw on a cardigan or blazer for extra layering, to keep you warm indoors. 

Layering doesn’t have to be uncomfortable in sunny Singapore, you can always leave your blazers hanging by your shoulder for a chic and effortless look, or get new clothes made out of breathable materials so that your next layered outfit will be a cool and breezy one. 

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