Swimsuit Edition: One-piece Swimsuit vs Bikini

Mon, 2022-01-31

Singapore’s tropical weather that exists all year round constantly calls for a beach day where you can bask in the sun and soak in the cooling waters. To do that though, you will need swimwear that is comfortable to lounge in for hours yet stylish enough for all your IG-worthy outfit of the day photos.

The two most common and popular types of swimwear are a one-piece swimsuit and a bikini so if you are on the fence between the two, here is a guide that will help you to make the right choice.

One-piece swimsuit

Very versatile

When shopping for swimwear in Singapore, you want to make sure you are getting something that is versatile enough so you do not have to lug your heavy bags stuffed with clothing everywhere in the humid weather. Hence, one-piece swimsuits may be your best bet as they can be easily transformed into a proper outfit just by putting on a pair of shorts, a skirt or jeans.

Rei Floral Toga Swimsuit

To nail this look, simply choose a one-piece swimsuit with more details on the upper portion so that it can double up as a top when paired with bottoms of your choice. For instance, the Rei Floral Toga Swimsuit that comes in a lovely sweetheart neckline with front ruched knot details and a toga-style design is the perfect choice that will bring you from beach day fun to a romantic dinner date.

More sun protection 

If you are concerned about harmful UV rays that will take a toll on your skin in the long run but do not wish to sacrifice style, choosing swimwear that provides more coverage may be a better choice.


A one-piece swimsuit will provide ample protection for delicate areas such as your stomach and some of your back so you do not have to fret about sunburns or having to apply as much sunscreen as compared to wearing a bikini.

Lets you be more active

There is always the worry that a bikini’s top or bottom may slip off while you are at the beach, especially if you plan on being active such as playing volleyball or any other intense water sports.

But a one-piece swimsuit will resolve this woe as it is known for being able to hold its own regardless of how active you plan to be that day or how big the waves are. 



The Paradise Bay Toga Swimsuit is a great choice as it shows how one-piece swimsuits can be sexy yet fit you snuggly at the same time.


Good for sun tanning

While one-piece swimsuits provide more protection from the sun, going for a bikini is recommended if you plan on getting a summer tan as it covers less body area and will give you a more even tan.

When shopping for a bikini online in Singapore, choose something that has thinner straps or a go for a bikini with a strapless top so that you do not walk off the beach with any awkward tan lines that will peek through your clothes.

Allows easy movements

A bikini that fits well will allow you to be more flexible in your movements. It is also a lot easier to remove when wet, as the material clinging to your body will be minimal as compared to a one-piece swimsuit.

A huge variety to choose from

Bikinis are available in different shapes, designs and colours for you to choose from so you will never run out of ideas to impress and the chances of bumping into someone at the beach with the exact same swimwear as you are slim.

Select from triangle top, bandeau, string bikini, microkini and more - options are literally endless.


One-piece Swimsuit vs Bikini: Which Swimwear Is More Suitable For You?

Consider getting the Mistra Tie-Front Gingham Bikini or Maui Toga Knot Bikini that come with slightly high-waisted bottoms for the illusion of longer legs.

The bottom line

There are different benefits when it comes to wearing either a one-piece swimsuit or bikini but the best advice to always keep in mind is that choosing what feels comfortable on your body is most important.

If you are ready to start shopping for swimwear online in Singapore for your next beach day out, check out our selection of affordable and high-quality one-piece swimsuits and bikinis. Shop now