Stick-On Bra: A Strapless Staple

Fri, 2022-01-28


Wearing a bra is part and parcel of life as a woman but this also comes with its fair share of woes, such as feeling uncomfortable in it and worrying that it might peek through certain outfits. Thankfully, a stick-on bra proves might just be a solution to a fuss-free lifestyle.

Here are some reasons why every woman needs one, tips on how to wear it and where you can get a stick-on bra online in Singapore

Benefits of wearing a stick-on bra

#1 Great for strapless or backless outfit


Always wondered how actresses and models pulled off strapless or backless outfits perfectly without a single bra strap showing? That is probably because they wore a stick-on bra. 

A stick-on bra, as its name suggests, uses adhesives that are safe on the skin to stick to your breasts so that it is completely invisible under your clothes. It is strapless and backless which makes it great for outfits that show a bit more skin so you never have to worry about a hook or strap showing.

#2 Provides lifting and support

When shopping for bras online or offline in Singapore, some women would prefer one that is wireless so that it feels more comfortable when worn but that could also mean compromising on the lifting and support needed.

Luckily, a stick-on bra provides lifting while supporting your breasts at the same time without the underwire digging into your skin or having bra straps biting into your shoulders. It is also softer and more flexible than conventional bras, making it more comfortable to wear. 

#3 Nude colour that is not visible under white clothing


A common misconception many women have is that wearing a white bra underneath white clothes will help to hide it. In fact, the stark contrast between the bra and your skin will make it even more visible.

Hence, always go for a nude stick-on bra when wearing a white or sheer top as it matches your skin tone the best for a seamless look. 

#4 Easy to wear and remove

If you find it challenging to wear a conventional bra with the hooks at the back, make sure you go for a stick-on one the next time you buy a bra online in Singapore. It is easy to wear just by simply sticking them on and attaching the front hook - you will be able to say “bye” to fumbling every single time you put on a bra. 

Removing it is also an uncomplicated process - just peel it off and you are good to go. Rest assured that the adhesive used is durable yet safe and will not cause any damage to your skin. 

How to wear a stick-on bra

her velvet vase stick on nu bra singapore

Feeling convinced to give a stick-on bra a try? Here is a quick guide to how to wear one that will come in handy. 

1. Undo the clasp in the front.

2. Stick on one side of the cup from your underboob all while raising your breast and moving upward, then repeat on the other side.

3. Smooth away any wrinkles or air gaps and fasten the clasp when you are satisfied.

Ensure you wash your stick-on bra too with warm water and mild soap, then leave it to air dry completely before wearing it again. If you are ready to try wearing a stick-on bra, consider our Nu Bra that is available in sizes A to D. 

You may want to shop some backless or strapless dresses on Her Velvet Vase while you are at it too! 

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