Smart Casual Outfits for Work and Play

Fri, 2021-04-16

Smart Casual

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Whether you're back at the office or going for an event, dressing up in a smart casual fit is always the foolproof way to go! Bridge the gap between casual and formal wear without compromising on your individuality. A smart casual outfit can be worn to a number of occasions - from office wear or corporate settings, to even weddings. In essence, it was about elevating casual fits by wearing tailored and elegant pieces that still gives you comfort. By mixing up business attire with casual wear, you'd be able go from the office to a fun night out! Join us as we discover endless styling options and clothing recommendations to help you find the right match.

HVV tip: Spice up your casual t-shirt and jeans with a blazer on top for a more polished look! 

Casual Wear for Woman

Geneva Satin Culottes - Sage
Available in Antique Mauve and Champagne

How To Dress Smart Casual 

There are 4 things to consider when it comes to putting together a smart casual outfit - fit, fabric, design, and outerwear


Choose clothing that is true-to-size and well-fitting. Tailored pieces give off a smart impression which is particularly important when you are attending work events or a job interview. Pick the Josette Knit Wrap Top or the Prescott Tailored Pants. If you prefer a loose-fit and relaxed style, a good rule of thumb would be to pair your loose top with a tailored bottom, or vice versa. This creates a more balanced yet sophisticated look to your outfit. An example of the perfect relaxed fit would be the Maje Gathered Midi Dress which features a fit and flare style.

Smart Casual Attire Ideas 

Josette Knit Wrap Top

Smart Casual Attire Ideas 

Prescott Tailored Pants - Hydrangea Blue
Also available in Blush and Eucalyptus

Smart Casual Attire Ideas 

Maje Gathered Midi Dress - Daffodil
Also available in Pale Periwinkle and Pale Seafoam


The fabric of your chosen attire is another overlooked detail that plays an important role in creating a certain vibe. Fabrics such as satin and lace, gives off an elegant feel. If that’s right up your alley, go for pieces such as the Geneva Satin Asymmetrical Top and the Chantilly Lace Dress. Look fab in these luxurious and timeless fabrics that never run out of style.

Which of these do you ladies prefer? 

Geneva Satin Culottes

Geneva Satin Asymmetrical Top & Culottes - Antique Mauve
Also available in Champagne and Sage

Chantilly Lace Dress

Chantilly Lace Dress - Black


When it comes to the design of your outfit, solid colours are your safest bet. Nevertheless, if you're feeling bold enough, prints can be a fun way to spice up your outfit and express your unique individuality. Floral and polka dot prints such as the Azure Floral Wrapped Cropped Top and the Berenice Polka Cowl are chic options for either a girls’ night out or brunch over the weekend. 

HVV tip: Graphic prints parade a more relaxed look, so it’s best you save your favourite band/character t-shirts for a casual occasion.

Azure Floral Wrapped Cropped Top - Pale Blue

Azure Floral Wrapped Cropped Top - Pale Blue
Also available in Black and Pale Blue

Berenice Polka Cowl-Neck Midaxi Dress

Berenice Polka Cowl-Neck Midaxi Dress


Worried of looking too casual for the office? An outerwear would be an easy fix to instantly change up your look!

Pop on a blazer such as the Sorbet Linen Blazer if you're feeling a little sweety tweety. Adding in a pop of colour to your outfit helps to elevate your look and uplifts your mood too! Whether it's for a casual Friday in the office, or attending a friend's wedding, there's nothing a blazer cannot do. Besides blazers, cardigans such as the Omnia Cardigan, are another great option to tie up your look. Wear it as a top or an outerwear, whichever you prefer! 😉

HVV tip: For a cooler yet chic option in Singapore’s humid weather, opt for a vest

Blazer and Cardigans for Women

Sorbet Linen Blazer - Blush
Also available in Raspberry and Sage

Blazer and Cardigans for Women

Omnia Cardigan - Chamomile
Also available in Green Tea and Stone White

With these neat tips and tricks, you should be able to put together a smart casual outfit with relative ease. Nonetheless, these are not hard and fast rules. It is alright to play around with different fits and designs to see which one suits you the best. 

From smart casual to office wear, Her Velvet Vase has a diverse range of clothes that are ideal for every dress code and occasion. Browse our catalogue today!

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