4 Misconceptions About Maternity Clothes

Fri, 2022-08-19

empire waist maternity dress

While pregnancy can be an exciting time for women, many mums-to-be in Singapore often have a hard time finding maternity clothes that are stylish and inexpensive. In fact, maternity clothes have earned itself quite a bad reputation for often being thought of as dull and ugly. There are also many who feel investing in clothes that are only appropriate for a small period of time is unnecessary. Those factors together make getting up and getting dressed while pregnant not exactly something women look forward to, but did you know that this can be made more enjoyable with the right maternity clothes? In this article, we aim to debunk some of the myths surrounding maternity clothing, helping you to dress that bump up and flaunt it with confidence!

Myth #1: Maternity clothes are boring


Possibly one of the biggest myths about maternity clothes is that they are ugly and unattractive. But in actual fact, maternity clothing has entirely transformed from what it used to be and what it is now. You can now easily find a range of maternity clothes of every style that suit your preferences from various brands. The secret is always to select whatever complements your style, ensuring that you feel confident and fabulous.

Myth #2: You need to invest in maternity clothes

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While purchasing maternity clothing is important for a comfortable pregnancy, there is no need to spend a bomb on them as you can easily find clothing stores, both online and offline, selling affordable yet high-quality options. Additionally, you can also choose to repurpose certain clothes that you already own, or go with non-maternity clothes that can actually be suitable for pregnant ladies too. 

Tip: Look for empire-waisted dresses or tent dresses that are flowy and can be worn before and after pregnancy

Myth #3: Maternity clothes are expensive

The truth is there are various types of maternity clothing at different price points in the market, but maternity clothes are definitely not more expensive to buy than non-maternity clothing. There are in fact lots of great places to buy maternity clothes that are wallet-friendly; Her Velvet Vase is one of them, with our goal to keep price points fair without compromising on style, ensuring you look beautiful even throughout your pregnancy.

Myth #4: Prints make you look bigger

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For years we’ve heard that patterns on clothes should be avoided for pregnant women, but the truth is small touches and well-placed patterns can make a simple outfit more sophisticated and put together. The key is to pay close attention to the size and placement of the patterns - choose maternity clothes that come with an all-over print without a lot of negative space, or a simple stripe pattern that can really flatter even a pregnant woman's body. 

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding maternity clothes, but most of them aren’t true. Maternity clothing today comes in cute, cost-effective, and comfortable options, making them a must-have addition during your pregnancy. Her Velvet Vase is here for you as a solution for fashionable maternity clothes. Be sure to browse our collection if you’re a mum-to-be in Singapore looking online for women’s clothing!