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Wed, 2020-08-12


Love Your Vase = Love Your Body

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Do you have a preference between gold and silver? Or have you ever found yourself looking dull in certain colours? Well, this is probably because your skin's undertone can be conflicting with certain colours, but stand out in other colours. Undertones are often categorized as warm, cool, and neutral. For example, undertones can make your skin appear pink or yellow, or a mix of both if you have a neutral skin tone. In many ways, we actually think the undertone is even more important than our overall skin tone. On those occasions when you put on something and it doesn't feel quite right, it's probably because your undertone doesn't match with the colours of your outfit.

In this edition of Love Your Vase, let's find out your skin's undertone to help you find colour pairings that look best on your skin tone. Colour is just pigment and our skin tone does not define who we are. You may have the same skin tone as your friends and family, but certain colours might look better on you than others. Scroll down to find your best colours in some of HVV's picks!

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How To Find Your Undertone
Is Your Skin Cool, Warm or Neutral?


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Look At Your Veins

An undertone determines the temperature of your skin and is what makes your overall skin tone uniquely you. Checking the colour of your veins is a great way to determine your undertones. We recommend looking at the veins on the inside of your wrists and around your face /neck to truly find a clear indication.

If you can see blue/purple veins in your skin, you have cool undertones.
If your veins appear greenish, you're most likely warm.
If you have a mixture of both blue and green in your veins, chances are you're neutral.

A White T-Shirt

While standing in bright natural lighting, grab a white t-shirt or any pure white piece of clothing and hold it up to your face.

If your skin looks pink or rosy, you're most probably cool-toned.
However, if your skin looks yellowish, your undertone is warm.
Off-white or creamy hues tend to complement your skin better if you're warm-toned.
If you can wear both colours without looking washed out, you may have a neutral undertone.

For some people, your skin can appear ashen or grey. This would indicate that you have an olive tone, which is a combination of the neutral undertone + yellow undertone + a greenish ashen hue that’s unique to olive skin. 

Silver Or Gold?

Do you look better in silver or gold? Though this can be subjective, comparing how gold or silver jewellery look like against your skin can also be a helpful gauge to find out your undertone.

Personal preferences aside, gold jewellery tends to look better on warm skin tones.
Silver jewellery is most flattering on cool tones.
If both gold and silver jewellery looks great on you, well lucky you! You're most probably have a neutral undertone.


If you love going to the beach or are exposed to the sun all the time, here's another way you can figure out your skin's undertone. How your skin reacts to sun exposure is another tell-tale sign for you.

If you get sunburns easily, you most probably have a cool undertone.
On the other hand, if you realize that you tan easily, you’re a warm undertone.
However, if you burn and get tanned, then you're likely a neutral undertone.

Cool Undertone

Your Power Colours Are: Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Cool Red, Pastel/Soft Tones


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Warm Undertone

Your Power Colours Are: Yellow, Orange, Ivory, Warm Red, Earthy Tones


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Neutral Undertone

Your Power Colours Are: ALL COLOURS
Because you're a mix of both warm and cool, consider yourself lucky as you have access to the full colour spectrum!


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When in doubt, you can never go wrong with Black, Red or Blush. Choose these universally flattering colours that look great in every skin and undertone.


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