Habits for your wellbeing

Sun, 2020-05-10

1. Practice gratitude 

Write down something you are grateful for today. The first step to starting your day on a positive note is to be
grateful for the things you already have. Whether it's having a job that feeds you and your family, having a roof
over your head, or having a small but close circle of friends. It's the little things that count.

2. Take a breather

Look out your window and look at the greenery. Being home all day during this difficult period can be tough and
stressful sometimes. We spend our days (and night), staring at our computer screens and mobile devices.
This can put a strain on our eyes too.

Step back, relax and walk to the nearest window. Breathe in the fresh air outside and look at the beautiful
greenery outside. It's also good for your eyes too! Let the stillness of the air and peacefulness from the empty
streets remind us to press the pause button, and take a break from our busy lives. 

3. Eat a good meal

Whether it's your favourite calorie-loaded tub of ice cream or your favourite noodles, go for it and dig in.
Having your favourite food will instantly put you in a better mood (and keep your stomach full). Start your day
with a hearty breakfast, and end it off with that sushi takeaway that you've been craving for. After all,
a hungry woman is an angry (and scary) woman.

4. Get enough sleep

With so many of us working from home, undeniably we get to sneak in a few more hours of sleep now
that there is no travelling time to account for. Being able to work from home is a privilege that not all of us
are blessed with. There are many others out there, who are still working as our frontline heroes,
sacrificing themselves to serve our community (and we thank you!).

While having enough sleep helps with work productivity, it is equally important for our health too.
Whether you are WFH or still heading outside to answer your call of duty, please do remember to take
care of yourselves and your health, and have enough sleep.

5. Talk to a loved one

Before the Circuit Breaker period, everyone has been busy with their lives, busy with work,
busy with so many things. Even though these are tough times, being stuck at home all day with our
families can actually be a blessing in disguise. When was the last time everyone sat down
together to have lunch/dinner? It's almost impossible to work
around everyone's work schedules.

Now is the perfect time to reconnect with our families and spend our days together just like
how it used to be when we were younger and less busy. Talk to your mothers, your fathers,
your brothers, your sisters and even your children. Ask about their day, and tell them about yours.

6. Read a book

Sometimes, too much screen time can even leave you bored with your phones, mindlessly
hopping from one app to another. Put your phones down and pick up a book instead.
We may not be able to have our own adventures outside, but reading a book can
take you to one beyond your imaginations.

Instead of watching youtube videos, try reading a book to your child or encourage them to
read because after all, a book is the strongest tool that you can equip your mind with.

7. Light a candle

Being stuck at home all day, we spend our days holed up in our rooms (and on our bed). You might even
get bored staring at the four walls. Try lighting a candle and you can immediately see the difference it makes.
The soft lighting and warm hues can literally change up the overall ambience of your room. 

8. Treat yourself, however you want to!

Don't forget to indulge yourself in the things that make you happy once in a while. You've been working
really hard and you deserve the best. Have it your way, and remember to love yourself. The grass is
always greener where you water it. You can even grow flowers in your garden when you are
able to shower yourself with love.

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