Casual Wear Guide: 7 Basics You Need

Fri, 2020-05-15

"I have nothing to wear!"

A phrase that's all too familiar. Who else stares into their wardrobe (which is completely full of clothes) and end up picking the same usual outfit to wear. We've all been there.

To be honest, you don't need a lot of clothes to look fashionable and picture-perfect all the time. The key to creating an exciting look, while keeping it casual, lies in a few staple items. Top off your look with a few bold accessories and you're ready to take over the world. Just kidding. You would need a pair of heels too for that. 

It's time to go back to basics. After all, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Here's our take on what every woman needs in her wardrobe to build the perfect casual chic look, HVV style.

1. Basic Top

paige basic white tank top casual wear

Paige Basic Tank - White

jillian knit camisole in blush casual wear

Jillian Knit Camisole - Blush

To build up your outfit, let's start with the base. One staple you'd definitely need in your wardrobe is a basic neutral top that can be paired with anything. Pair it with your favourite trousers/jeans and you're good to go. Style it up with a blazer/denim jacket and you're ready for a night out in town.

Tip: You only need a few basic tops. Change up your look with different outerwears and no one will notice you've been wearing the same top. 

2. Classic Blazer

bambi blazer co-ord office wear

Bambi Blazer Co-Ord

joie ruched blazer work wear

Joie Ruched Blazer - Pale Sage

Who says blazers make you look old and corporate? If you are looking for a professional look, find one that fits you to a tee. On a casual day, lighten up your look with an oversized blazer and scrunch up your sleeves. Experiment with fun pastels colours like lilac or sage and you'll definitely be anything but boring. Don't forget your sunnies to complete the look. 

3. Knit Cardigan

billie cropped cardigan casual wear

Billie Cropped Cardigan - Cream

rory knit cardigan casual wear

Rory Knit Cardigan - Peach

 Nothing screams comfort more than a cardigan that you throw over your shoulders on a cold day. The knit fabric hugs your body in all the right places and instantly softens your overall look. If you're always on the go, grab one before leaving the house and add an effortless touch of comfort to your everyday casual wear.

Tip: Carry a cardigan with you wherever you go and it can double up as an emergency top in case of any messy mishaps during dinner. 

4. Staple

silvia printed tiered midi green casual wear
Silvia Printed Tiered Midi - Green

elena knit midi grey casual wear

Elena Knit Midi - Grey

A simple and quick staple outfit that you can put on is a dress. If you're feeling adventurous, try
one with bold colours or prints. Alternatively, a simple solid colour dress will always also do the trick.
Put on a belt to add a little fun and show off your svelte figure while you're at it.

Tip: For a casual day outfit, opt for midi-length dresses and put on your favourite flats or sandals.
Instantly change up your look for a dinner date with a pair of heels.

5. Denim Jacket

pascal denim jacket washed blue casual wear

Pascal Denim Jacket - Washed Blue

joplin denim jacket light blue casual wear

Joplin Denim Jacket - Light Blue

Denim has always been a timeless look. It's a versatile piece of fabric that looks good on anyone of different shapes, sizes or age. Undeniably, the common perception of a casual outfit is a t-shirt and denim jeans pairing. Try adding a vintage twist to your look by pairing your simple top with an oversized denim jacket. The baggier, the better. 

6. Sweaters

caprice knit sweater marigold casual wear

Caprice Knit Sweater - Marigold

lumiere embellished sweater grey casual wear

Lumiere Embellished Sweater - Grey

Comfort is key. The whole sweater weather mood comes from feeling safe and calm, all while cosying up in a thick bundle of warmth. A rainy day (and wardrobe) essential that everyone needs. Now grab a cup of hot tea, sit back and relax as you unwind. It's been a really long day.

7. Printed Pants

teigen floral pants casual wear

Teigen Floral Pants - White

canopy floral pants blue casual wear

Canopy Floral Pants - Blue

Swap out your usual denim jeans with a pair of printed pants to add some flair to your outfit. It'll also be a great comfort relief from all the structured and tight-fitting pants you wear for work. Don't be afraid to add prints and bold colours. Match your bottoms with tops in complementary colour pairings for a pop of colour and you'll be amazed at the difference it makes. Brighten up your day with some exciting floral pants and you won't ever leave this out of your wardrobe essentials. 

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