Are you a local business owner?

Fri, 2020-05-08

hvv supports local SMEs

Are you a local business owner?

HVV started out as one of the first few online fashion brands in Singapore in 2007.

We turned 13 this March and while the recent months have been difficult for many businesses especially
on the brick and mortar front, we've been incredibly fortunate because we're on familiar ground as a
primarily e-commerce brand.

We're aware there are many others trying to take their businesses online and if this is something
you're looking at, we'd love to support you.

During this period, we're opening our website to other SMEs so we can help share and advertise
your products with us at cost.

While our e-commerce site wasn't built for a marketplace, it's a great place to start creating awareness
for your brand, and we'd like to feature as many brands in complementary industries as we can.

If this is helpful for you, drop us an email at and we'd be happy to share more details.

Let’s work at this together!