8 Outfits For A Perfect Pantone Look

Fri, 2021-08-13

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Hey #HVVgirls! This week, we're all about colours~

In case you didn't know, the Pantone colours of the year 2021 are Ultimate Grey and Illuminating, which are shades of grey and yellow respectively. Both of these colours accurately represents the year of 2021 and whatever is going on in the world; symbolising strength and positivity in a time of uncertainty. 

According to Pantone, Ultimate Grey resembles the colour of pebbles on the beach and natural elements whose weathered appearance highlights an ability to withstand the test of time; it also promotes feelings of composure, steadiness and resilience. While Illuminating is a bright and cheery yellow that sparkles with vivacity and imbued with solar power.

Pantone’s colour experts scour various materials and industries for new colour influences, including the entertainment industry, films in production, art collections, fashion magazines, and many other areas. The process of selecting the final Pantone colour of the year involves a great deal of thought and trend analysis before the colour experts make their final decision. For over 20 years, the Pantone colour of the year has influenced many product development and purchasing decisions in many industries; ranging from fashion to industrial design, product packaging to graphic design.


Ultimate Gray & Illuminating Dresses Online

Be inspired by the Pantone colours of the year and their characteristics for the rest of 2021, and shop online for dresses as well as other women’s clothing in Singapore with some of our outfit suggestions:

Casual Occasion

Gray and Yellow set for Casual Occasions

You can look good even if you're going for a quick grocery run or a casual cafe brunch date. Style the Vienne Surplice Cropped Top in Heather Grey with the Halifax Straight Jeans in Stone. Then accessorise with silver or gold minimalist earrings and necklaces for a chic and sleek casual outfit that embodies the Ultimate Grey characteristics.

Pair the Hansel Floral Smocked Back Top in Mustard with the Memento Embroidered Shorts in White, which can easily be paired with the Onism Pearl Rings Set, and finish the look with the Svenne Ruched Purse in Milk for a vibrant and sweet yellow outfit inspired by Illuminating.

Buy dresses online in Singapore inspired by the Pantone colours of the year to create your own casual, easy-to-wear outfit, or browse through online catalogues for more inspiration.

Formal Settings

Gray and Yellow set of Dress for Formal Settings

Pair the Hatia Knit Knot Top in Pebble with the Josefa Trench Skorts in Cool Grey for a feminine yet strong grey look, and the Havana Gingham Ruched Blouse with the Elin Pants in Mellow Yellow for a lively career woman look. Complete the look with a pair of statement earrings like Tout Link Earrings and cute handbag.

Date nights

Dates Nights Dresses

For a lovely outfit suitable for your date night, style the Valentina Off-Shoulder Top in Pale Grey with the Zulu Floral Slit Midaxi Skirt. The cool grey top goes well with the lilac present on the skirt, creating a feminine and sophisticated look. For a more vibrant yellow outfit, go with the Ruth Floral Dress in Mustard, then tie the outfit together with a white bag and dainty floral earrings or even a simple gold necklace.

Dinner Parties & Weddings

Dinner Parties Weddings Dresses Online

The Isla Toga Tiered Midi Dress exudes a composed and powerful vibe while also looking feminine and delicate for a dinner party or a wedding. With the Reinette Floral Slit Midi Dress in Yellow, be inspired by Illuminating and accentuate your curves. This dress is a lovely floral ensemble that is sure to turn heads.

Ultimate Grey and Illuminating are both colours that some people may not try, they are seldom seen in retail stores but are frequently used by online women’s clothing brands in Singapore and are great colours to add to your wardrobe. Greys are a neutral and subtle colour that can be paired with denim, black, white, beige and blue clothing, while yellow, albeit a rather vibrant and energetic colour, can lift your mood and brighten up your skin tone to make you look glowy. For a monotone look, pair yellow with yellow, or simply pair it with white, beige, black and denim clothing. 

If styling two pieces of clothing is inconvenient and nerve-racking, look for online dresses in Singapore and buy dresses that come in these colours. Dresses are simple to put together and can save you lots of time. 

HVV Tip: Aside from clothing, you can incorporate these colours into your look with accessories such as earrings, headbands, and bags. When wearing a dark coloured outfit, such as all black, add a yellow accessory, such as the Astoria Ruched Hairband in Mustard.

Revamp your wardrobe and start by introducing more colours into your style with Ultimate Grey and Illuminating. Buy dresses online or other women’s clothing in Singapore by browsing through our catalogue of beautiful pieces. 

Are you team Grey or Yellow?