7 Office Wear Essentials Every Woman Must Have In Her Wardrobe

Thu, 2021-11-11

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Imagine this: You wake up on the wrong side of the bed one morning, only to find that you have also overslept and are almost late for work, but lady luck is not on your side as you do not have an outfit prepared. Sounds like a disaster, right? 

Well, office wear can be tricky, especially when you are in a rush and need something quick to put on that looks stylish, presentable and work-appropriate at the same time. 

Fortunately, having a few pieces of versatile work clothes in your wardrobe may help as they can be easily mixed and matched with other staples to form a fashionable #OOTD so you do not have to spend too much time putting things together. 

Here are seven office wear essentials from Her Velvet Vase that every woman in Singapore needs to have. 

Blazers in muted shades

Every office lady knows that owning a blazer is not a want, but a need. This nifty piece of clothing instantly spruces up any plain office wear while helping you to look immaculately chic and professional. 

However, to make it suitable for the workplace, we recommend getting your blazers in muted shades such as beige, tan and sage for a polished look, as opposed to bright, tawdry colours. 

Apart from helping you to look more sophisticated, subdued colours are also easier to match so you never have to worry about your outfit looking out of place. 

Blazers in muted shades office wear singapore

Get our Blomquist Blazer in Nutmeg which comes with padded shoulders for more structure. The checked cuffs are a small detail to add pizzaz to the blazer while the functional side pockets allow you to store your knick-knacks.

The Sorbet Linen Blazer in Sage is a good option too as it injects life into your outfit without the colour being too overpowering. 

Button-up shirts

Button-up shirts may seem boring but they are actually multifaceted fashion items. Think about the endless possibilities you get with a button-up shirt - pair it with a skirt, pants or jeans for dress-down days - and you will immediately look as if you put a lot of effort into dressing up for work. 

To primp a button-up shirt for office wear, try wearing it as an outerwear, accessorising with necklaces or folding the sleeves up. Take note to leave one or two buttons from the top unbuttoned to avoid looking too stifled. 

You can also choose to get button-up shirts in different materials such as satin and velvet to switch things up once in a while.

Button up shirts office wear singapore

Our Moscato Button-Down Woven Shirt in Oat has an oversized fit to help you transition effortlessly from work to play. 

High-waisted pants and skirts

High-waisted pants or skirts have been in trend for the longest time and we are not surprised since they help to give the illusion of longer legs. They also hide any love handles or belly bulges (not that there is anything wrong with those) so you feel and look more confident. 

Here are a few tips to assist you in nailing every office wear outfit you decide to incorporate high-waisted pants or skirts into: 

- Always tuck your top in

- Pair with long jackets or blazers

- Wear it where your waist is the slimmest

High waisted pants and skirts office wear singapore

If you are looking for a pair of flowy high-waisted pants for both comfort and style, our Siobhan Belted Wide Leg Pants in Midnight Blue is one to consider. The flared hems will also help to make any outfit look dressier right away. 


Co-ords are the ultimate time-saving outfits because they already come in a matching style, colour or design so you can slip them on and leave for work as quickly as possible. They are also great if you do not really fancy mixing and matching items together since they are made to come in a pair so there is no need to put too much thought into your outfit.

Co-ords office wear singapore

Our Rochelle Floral Co-Ord in Cream is perfect as a snazzy office wear outfit with the asymmetrical ruffled hem and V-neckline that is still work-appropriate. 

Or get the Marcel Kimono Co-Ord in Navy if you prefer pants. The modern kimono-style top is a sight to behold. 


When the air-conditioning in the office gets too cold and you start shivering, a cardigan might just save the day. There are so many cardigan options available in Singapore but they all come in different cuttings, designs and colours - so which one should you choose? 

For more work-appropriate cardigans, we suggest going with oversized instead of cropped ones. Lighter colours like subdued pastels will add a pop of colour. 

While a blazer may make you look a little austere, a cardigan provides warmth and style while adding softness to an office wear outfit. It is a subtle, statement piece that will integrate seamlessly into any work outfit.

Cardigans office wear singapore

Our Everett Knit Oversized Cardigan in Dust Blue has flattering balloon sleeves and tapered cuffs while the gorgeous colour makes it easy to pair with most outfits. 


Jumpsuits are also must-haves if you prefer slipping into outfits that do not require you to do any mixing and matching. Most jumpsuits in Singapore come in high-waisted designs to help you look taller and elongate your legs. 

They also provide more comfort as compared to skirts, since you will not have to worry about having to sit prim and proper in them. 

Jumpsuits office wear singapore

Get our Pavillon Jumpsuit in Pale Lilac for a cheery work outfit or the Emerson Jumpsuit in Black that will stand the test of time. 

Midi dress

Midi dresses are great alternatives for maxi dresses, especially if you do not wish to have the hem of your dress sweeping the floors. They suit most figures but our tip is to pair them with heels, otherwise, the length of the skirt may shorten your silhouette. 

The length of the midi dress typically falls below the knee - making it work-appropriate so you never have to worry about getting in trouble with HR. 

Midi Dress office wear singapore

Our Margaux Midi Dress in Teal Green has trendy puffy sleeves and a square neckline to accentuate your collarbones, while its shade of green and length of the skirt are both modest enough for work. 

Or get the Carmela Ribbed Knit Bodycon Midi Dress in Hunter Green for something that is suitable for both work and after-work dinners. 

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