5 Benefits Of Wearing Culottes

Fri, 2022-07-01

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Despite their reputation, culottes are not actually as much of a fashion risk as they're made out to be. In fact, the culotte might be the only item in your wardrobe that is both comfy and stylish. Sleek and office-friendly, with a breezy, roomy fit, it comes as no surprise that culottes are having their moment and slowly edging into mainstream fashion for everyday wear. There’s always a perfect culotte whether you’re looking for an outfit for work, something smart casual, or for the weekends. Read on to learn more about the benefits of including culottes in your wardrobe today!

Easy Breezy


The design of the culotte combines the ease and functionality of pants while looking like a skirt. This allows you to stride and sit easily with unrestrained mobility yet look refined and elegant in flowy fabric.


women in peach wearing white culotte

Don't be fooled by the fun feel and trendiness of culottes, because these might be the most versatile pair of pants you will ever own. Culottes are transitional, making them the perfect piece to wear all throughout the year. Pair them with loafers or a pair of heels for a work dinner - the breezy, cropped culottes cut a much chicer line than any full-length suit could. When worn with a simple blouse and sandals at a casual weekend party, they'll be more classy than a summer dress would be. Not to mention the range of cuts and styles it comes in, there’s sure to be a pair of culottes for every body type.

Suitable for Work

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Culottes can be a great option as workwear, especially for the warmer weather here in Singapore. Black and white are classics and usually the most popular colours for the office. Combine a pair of black culottes with a timeless white shirt or a sleeveless top, add black heels, and you are good to go! All-white looks with culottes are also a great pick for the summer season - wear a combo of white culottes and a white or cream top with sneakers.


Contrary to popular belief, petite ladies can actually pull off culottes as well. High-waisted culottes are always going to be your best bet if you’re a petite lady. Look for a pair that falls on your calf for the most flattering length; too long and it runs the risk of swamping you, too short and it’ll make your legs look even shorter. Pair with heels or platform sandals for that added height.

Trendy Vintage Vibes

If you like the vintage look, then culottes are definitely the pants for you. Culottes are able to create a vibe that is as retro as it is ultra-modern. To play up the retro vibe, choose matching culottes with a crop-top set that shows a slice of mid-section. This gives a fuss-free, yet trendy and unique look to your outfit.

HVV Tip: Remember that wearing culottes will naturally highlight your ankles and feet, so have a little fun with your footwear such as strappy heels or pumps, to mules or sandals.

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