4 Tips For The Perfect Floral Dress

Fri, 2022-06-10

Floral Midi Dress

Floral prints add a delicate feminine touch to your outfit with a hint of romance in the air. With our year-round summery weather in Singapore, the floral dress has immediately become a mainstay in many women’s wardrobes. Whether you are looking to buy dresses online or in stores, the floral print is sure to be one of the most cheerful ones you can think of, making the floral dress one of your ideal options. But there are some points that you should keep in mind when wearing a floral dress to maintain charm and subtlety. Today’s article will share tips for picking the perfect floral dress for your wardrobe rotation.

Background Colour

elegant floral dress

Colour plays a major role when it comes to choosing the perfect floral dress, as this is still the primary colour that will shine through. Neutrals such as black, white, grey, ivory and beige are a safe styling method when you aren’t quite sure of what to wear, but would like to add florals to your wardrobe. White backgrounds that display bright and sunny-inspired blooms are also ideal for lending a freshness and youthfulness Darker colours will give you a more tailored and tapered look, making your floral dress elegant and playful at the same time, with the illusion of being slimmer.

Size of Floral Prints

one shoulder floral dress

Florals are available in a variety of sizes, but take note to avoid larger oversized prints if you are fuller figured as they will make you appear even bigger. A medium floral print will work well for thinner people, some pear shapes, hourglass figures and athletic figures depending on which area you want to flaunt, while small floral prints generally work for everyone. Smaller floral prints also give off a youthful vibe, and prints that are sparse tend to feel more mature.

Dress for Your Body Shape

cream colored floral dress 

It is important to choose a dress shape that fits your body type when buying floral dresses online. Petite women, for instance, are greatly flattered by a dress with a mid-thigh hemline. Ethereal chiffon floral prints flatter women with a smaller physique, while a dress with a tulip skirt that glides over the hips is an excellent option for pear-shaped figures. Your body shape is mostly pre-defined by your skeletal structure and your predisposed fat and muscle distribution. So work with your body shape instead of against it.

Colour of Flowers

Cassa floral wrap dress

The colour of the flowers on your floral dress would depend mostly on your preferences, but it is recommended that women with darker skin tones choose soft, pastel colours. If your skin is on the paler side, go with brighter colours such as red, green, yellow, or orange. Not a fan of pastels? Try wearing black or white floral prints instead. You can still add a pop of colour to your outfit by accessorising for a more complete look. Note that colour saturation that is too high can cause gaudiness, so be sure to choose a print with lower saturation to still stand out without looking like there’s too much going on. 

The floral dress is a timeless one that is an instant pick-me-up with many things to love about it. It's easy to add a dash of floral to your wardrobe all year round, as long as you take note to consider the size of the floral print, the colours, and your dress shape.

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