4 Best Colour Palettes For Bridesmaid Dresses

Thu, 2022-03-17

Best Colour Palettes For Bridesmaid Dresses Perfect For Most Wedding Themes

Apart from planning your wedding decorations, invitations and outfits, one other important task that should be on your to-do list is picking out bridesmaid dresses. Alas, it is not that easy of a task with so many styles, designs and colours to choose from. Not only will the bridesmaid dress have to match your vision and theme, but it also will also have to look flattering on most skin tones and body shapes.

Thankfully, deciding on a bridesmaid dress can be done quickly once you have gotten the colour palette settled. So if you are having a hard time deciding on a colour scheme that goes with your wedding theme and yet will not elicit groans from your bridesmaids, this guide may be helpful.

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Thinking of a colour palette that will never go wrong and is mostly well-received? Then go for pastel shades! Blush pink, lavender, mint green, dusty blue and buttercream yellow are some great examples of timeless pastel colours that will never go out of trend.

You could also try mixing and matching pastel colours to help each bridesmaid stand out while creating a unique yet feminine palette. 

Woman with long pastel dress in Singapore

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Warm neutrals

A warm neutral palette consists of colours with yellow, orange or pink undertones, like beige, tan and rose gold. These shades will complement a luxurious and elegant wedding theme while still being understated enough to not overshadow the leading lady, which is the bride.

To add even more pizzazz, look for bridesmaid dresses in warm neutrals that have metallic accents such as sequins or glitters to add some sparkle to this magical night.

Woman with long pastel dress in Singapore

Our Glossier Satin Jumpsuit in Rose Gold will probably tick all your boxes.

Muted shades

While muted shades like grey, green and brown sound mundane, they often make the best colour palette for bridesmaid dresses thanks to their versatility. They will also make good additions to your wedding if bright and bold does not sound like your cup of tea.

For instance, consider getting your bridesmaids to dress in dark and light grey dresses in different fabrics ranging from satin to velvet and chiffon - the difference in the material will add a twist to traditional bridesmaid dresses. 

Muted shades long dress in Singapore

The Audace Ruched Jumpsuit in Slate comes in the ideal grey that will suit any wedding theme.

Dark Colours

A misconception some brides have is that an eye-catching colour should not be allowed at their wedding as it could potentially steal their limelight away. Contrary to popular belief, getting your bridesmaids to dress in colours like red may make you stand out even more while you are in your white wedding gown!

If you're afraid of looking gaudy with bright colours, go for darker shades like burgundy and maroon instead for an expensive-looking dress fit for a sophisticated wedding. 

Long dark red dress Singapore

The Antilia Ruched Button Down Midi Dress in Mahogany is a long dress that comes in a gorgeous colour reminiscent of wine; just what you need for an event worth celebrating. 

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