4 Accessories To Instantly Dress Up Any Outfit

Wed, 2021-04-07

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A fashionable outfit is more than just the clothes you wear; it also includes the accessories that you select! That’s the real secret of women who look effortlessly stylish and chic no matter what they are wearing; it's all about the little details. Complement your wardrobe staples or spice up a laid back fit with different accessories.

If you're looking for that pièce de résistance, scroll down to find out the accessory that you need! 

4 Accessories For An Instant Dress Up 


From simple dangling earrings to bold, chunky necklaces, jewellery is one of the easiest ways to elevate your basic outfits to head turners! If your outfit is more subdued, opt for eye-catching pieces such as the Cassia Drop Earrings or the Haute Pearl Choker for a statement look. On the other hand, if you prefer a more understated feel, opt for classics such as the Solana Pearl Hoop Earrings. You can never go wrong with pearls.

 Cassia Drop Earrings 

 Haute Pearl Choker 

Accessories For an Instant Dress Up

Solana Pearl Hoop Earrings


More than just functional accessories, ladies' handbags can provide a structured look to your fit that’s befitting of any occasion. Having a beach day? Pick the Del Mar Woven Tote Bag for a fun, playful look. Want to join in the 90s revival trend? The Rialto Box Handbag is a modern take on the quintessential ladies' handbag.

Accessories And Ladies Bag Singapore

Del Mar Woven Tote Bag

Accessories And Ladies Bag Singapore

Rialto Box Handbag


We all need a few basic pairs of footwear that can be included in our capsule wardrobes. While our feet are often the last thing people take notice of, you should not underestimate how a good pair of shoes can complete your look! Instead of a simple pair of sandals, opt for the Blythe Wraparound Sandals  if you're feeling a little adventurous. Put on a basic tee and your favourite shorts, and you're good to go!

Don't forget your trusty pair of simple slip-on heels such as the Aimee Platforms that you can pair with almost everything. The right pair of shoes will lead you to the right places! (and take over the world) ✨

Lace Up Sandals and Heels For Womens Clothing

Blythe Wraparound Sandals

Heels For Womens Clothing

Aimee Platforms

Hair Accessories

Whether you're going for a more corporate look, or fun & girly look, a statement hair accessory is all you need to tie up your look. Dress up your outfits with the Pisces Ruched Hairband or add a more refined touch with the Aura Satin Scrunchie. Switch out your plain hair ties with satin scrunchies, giving you an extra touch of luxe, while also being gentle to your hair. 

Hair Accessories Online Singapore

Pisces Ruched Hairband
Available in Auburn and Olive

Hair Accessories Online Singapore

Aura Satin Scrunchie.

Take Your Accessorising To The Next Level 

Just as how finding your unique style of clothing takes practice, experimenting with different accessories is a good idea to narrow down on the ones that complements your style and personality.

1. Start with one accessory 

If you are new to accessorising, it is best to always start small. Wearing too many accessories may overwhelm your outfit and compromise your overall style. Jewellery and hair bands are great ‘beginner’ accessories that you can try! Less is more, but sometimes more is more. 🤭

2. Wear matching accessories to bring an outfit together 

If you are wearing more than one accessory, try matching them to create a unified feel from head to toe. For example, if you are wearing pearl earrings, consider adding the Sommar Pearl Handle Purse for a classic fit. If you are wearing an outfit with neutral colours, having matching accessories of a completely different colour can really make your entire look pop! 

3. Go for a signature accessory 

If you are tired of thinking of what accessories to pair with your outfit every time, why not just find one that suits all your looks? Wearing a signature accessory like your favourite go-to necklace or a bag is a great way to define your style and set yourself apart from the rest. You can never go wrong with classics such as pearls and dainty jewellery. Above all, fashion should be enjoyable and experimenting with your accessories is a fun way for you to express your personality and flaunt your unique style.

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