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The Lace Up Trend

01 August 2015


One of the prettiest fancy footwear trends from the past few runway seasons that's really starting to take over is lace-up flats, sandals and heels. Part gladiator, part ballerina and 100% charming. The laces are dainty enough to make it appropriate for work but it can also give your look an instant sultry appeal for a night out.

Swimsuit Designs For Your Body Type

07 July 2015

It’s swimsuit season and summer is the time to dare to bare!

Want your legs to look longer? Too much hips? Shoulders too broad? It doesn’t matter what body shape you are ‘cause our HVV stylists are here to show you how to accentuate more (or less!) of your body features with the right swimsuit design.

Now you’re ready to rock the beach with your sunshine smile!



 hvv swimsuit bodytype


Her Velvet Vase Mood Box

02 July 2015

One of our ultimate fan favourites is our HVV Mood Box! In a nutshell, it's a handpicked outfit curated based on your fashion mood that month.

And every month, you'll be receiving a new handpicked outfit that's tailored to your size and style!




If you're experimental, you can switch up your fashion flavour monthly and get a new style of outfit each time!

Behind the Scenes of our first NY Lookbook Shoot!

22 June 2015

Good morning #hvvgirls!

Today we’re diving behind the scenes at our first local lookbook shoot!

We’re on set at one of the most beautiful lofts we’ve ever come across.



This beautiful Bushwick apartment is owned by writer/artist/musician Cassandra who built the apartment up with her own hands – including all the paintings on the walls and the wooden tables seen above! Isn’t that amazing?


A Day in the Life of an #HVVgirl

16 June 2015

A Day in the Life of an #HVVgirl




As you may have been quick to discover, New York reigns in the arena of majestic skyscrapers, beautifully quaint brownstone buildings and grand neon fixtures. Yet there is a startling lack of nature to offset the concrete skyline -- so whatever we can get, we have to make the most of!

For that, the Flower District has always been one of our favourite go-to’s.

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