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About Us

Brand Philosophy 


We believe in being humble, human and humorous.

The HVV girl is strong, vulnerable, imperfect, in awe, constantly learning and believes in taking on
trials with a twinkle in her eye and a dash of candor, wit and positivity.

To us, every #hvvgirl plays a multitude of roles. She is a daughter, friend, sister, wife, mother.

Her vulnerability, strength, fears, motivations, inspirations and courage across her different roles make her the unique individual that she is and should be proud of.

At Her Velvet Vase, we celebrate these roles and we stand by our customers for every occasion and
pivotal milestone that they embark on.


Design Philosophy 

Our designs look to the streets of Paris, Stockholm and New York with a refreshing take on contemporary street fashion.

Through a style foundation of essential basics and transitional statement pieces, Her Velvet Vase embodies a charmingly modern,
classic and tailored femininity.

The #hvvgirl is charming, free and adventurous and always on the move.
She adapts well to swiftly changing environments, constantly seizing opportunities and making them her own all the while with a nonchalant grace.

That is why we value youthful, feminine and tailored classics –
we don’t believe that there is only one way to wear an outfit because style should always be about creativity and individuality without
compromising on great quality, affordability and practicality.




Hi Everyone! I’m Clare and I’m in charge of Business Development at Her Velvet Vase. 

I graduated from Melbourne in Organisational Psychology but decided that fashion e-commerce was my calling and hopped off that wagon after I graduated to pursue Her Velvet Vase. 

I started Her Velvet Vase because I wanted to bring fashion individuality and convenience to Singapore. But now, I stay in it because it’s so much more than that. My journey as an entrepreneur has been incredibly humbling - because there are so many aspects to learn about building a successful team and company; inspiring - when I see my team members achieve amazing milestones; limitless because I create and recreate my own boundaries; exciting - because there’s always a new project round the corner; and rewarding - because every failure is a learning curve and every success brings me one step closer to our goal. 

Before Her Velvet Vase, I didn’t know anything about photography, videography, graphics design, fashion design, programming, digital marketing, merchandising (how to build office furniture or even, iron a dress perfectly with a straightener under 30 seconds) but it has been an insane and absolutely exhilarating journey (even more so now that we’ve landed in New York!) and I’m now also a jack of all these trades and dandy pleased about it!



Hey! I’m Mag and I oversee Her Velvet Vase’s creative overtures.

My main responsibilities include but aren’t limited to - the design of our clothing, the direction and styling of our photoshoots as well as the media productions of our online boutique! 

My roots have always been firmly set in design - When I was 11, I developed and illustrated my own fantasy comic book, and was also an active member of my school’s drama club as well as visual art societies.

Even as a kid I’d always have a insatiable curiosity and unbridled imagination - the dangerous signs of a troublemaker. I love experimenting and changing things up for the sake of adventure. I’ve also always been partial to the realm of creative expression, and Her Velvet Vase is no exception. Enrolling in Parsons the New School of Design has only augmented my passion for design, and I believe that has helped shape my vision for Her Velvet Vase’s brand and aesthetic.

I love minimalism and classically tailored cuts which are feminine yet easy to dress up or down. I don’t believe that there’s just one way to wear an outfit, but I do have an idea on how to pull one together too! Together with Clare and our team of fiery, fashionable and forward-thinking team of #hvvgirls, our goal is to transcend Her Velvet Vase’s status as an online store and become the ultimate fashion/lifestyle destination for women, with a mission to help our customers discover and refine their style in a fun and innovative way!



We’re backed by an amazing team consisting of different departments - customer support, marketing, editorial, creative, merchandising, business development and operations. What ties us all wonderfully together? Our unanimous obsession with fashion and the goal to share, personalise and celebrate each girl's unique individuality and milestones with her!  

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