#HVVhandinhand is finally here!

Tue, 2020-05-12


2 weeks ago, we shared about #HVVhandinhand and called out to local business owners to support them.

Today, we're excited to share that we've started opening the hervelvetvase site to
other SMEs and are hosting a list of exciting local brands.

Support all of them below!

Cider & Basil

The pet lifestyle brand that uses all natural, sustainable and eco-friendly ingredients
in their dog-friendly products which are all made in Australia.

FK Beauty

A local indie brand that specialises in beauty sponges in exciting shapes and colours.


Ficklr's quality gel strips are made with real nail polish and aims to be the convenient
solution for ladies who need a quick manicure to get ready in 10mins.

FITTA Active

While offering women with stylish and affordable activewear, FITTA Active aims to
inspire and empower women of all ages to live actively and healthily.


Specially handcrafted essential oils that are responsibly
sourced and blended as a therapeutic remedy.

Kindred Teas

Teas which are specially crafted and inspired by precious moments.

Little Learner's Collective

Learn the wonders of Science through fun and informative stickers, where learning comes alive! 


A social enterprise that creates functional yet inspirational products for everyday adventures.

Rad Russel

Crafted in quality leather, Rad Russel's ladies' collection was created
to provide reliable and comfortable footwear.


Environmentally conscious and natural, Smood crafts handmade deodorant that refreshes and rejuvenates.